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29th Nov - 1st Dec, 2023, CCEN/UFPE, Recife, PE, Brazil

I Workshop on Applied Statistics and Stochastic Processes

With the roundtable Women in Probability and Statistics


The "I Workshop on Applied Statistics and Stochastic Processes (WASSP)'" will be held at Center for Exact and Natural Sciences at Federal University of Pernambuco (CCEN-UFPE in Portuguese) in Recife - Pernambuco - Brazil, from 29th November to 1st December, 2023. The workshop will include a roundtable with the theme Women in Probability and Statistics.

The meeting will be realized with the main objective of promoting and encouraging women to collaborate and develop applied statistics and stochastic processes. The workshop aims to involve academic and professional statisticians with a particular focus on creating a network between women in statistics in the region of Pernambuco and Latin America.

The I WASSP is linked to the Graduate Program in Statistics at Federal University in Pernambuco, Recife - Pernambuco - Brazil. This Graduate Program attracted students from different areas of knowledge who are interested in the potential of statistical methods. The I WASSP aims to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere to exchange experiences and discuss the presence of women in Statistics, in order to define some strategies that help to have a greater participation of female leadership in the development and dissemination of science.




Victor Hugo Lachos - Univ. of Connecticut

Plenary Conference


Audrey H. M. de Aquino Cysneiros - UFPE



Sandro Gallo - UFSCar



Daniela Rodriguez - Universidad de Buenos Aires

Plenary Conference


Javiera Barrera - Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez



Hedibert Freitas Lopes - INSPER

Plenary Conference


Andressa Cerqueira - UFSCar


Elementary GAMLSS

by Mikis Stasinopoulos

University of Greenwich

Moderator: Francisco Cribari-Neto - UFPE

Roundtable: Women in Probability and Statistics

In this roundtable we invited women involved in scientific and leadership positions in the field of Probability and Statistics to discuss women’s career challenges, and possible strategies to overcome them.


Francyelle de Lima Medina - UFPE


Viviana Giampaoli - USP


President of the Brazilian Statistics Association - ABE 

Maria Cristina Falcão Raposo - UFPE

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-09 at 19.20.31.jpeg

Javiera Barrera - Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Stochastic processes and their applications

Chairs: Alex Ramos (UFPE) and Pablo Rodriguez (UFPE)

Invited Speakers: Anatoli Iambartsev - IME/USP, Fabio Prates Machado - IME/USP, Florencia Leonardi - IME/USP, Gustavo Oshiro de Carvalho IME/USP, Jean-Rene Chazottes,  CNRS & Ecole Polytechnique (França), Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi - UFRN

Statistics applied to biologically and socially motivated problems

Chair: Viviane Oliveira (UFRPE)

Invited Speakers: José Fernando Fontanari - IFSC/USP, Mateus Francisco Batista Granha - UFPE,  Nathan Lima Pessoa - UFRPE, Paulo Roberto de Araujo Campos - DF/UFPE

Mathematical Modelling of Socioeconomic Events

Chair: Thyago C. C. Nepomuceno (UFPE)

Invited Speakers: Fernando Henrique Taques - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Espanha), Victor Diogho Heuer de Carvalho - UFAL, Henrique Pinto dos Santos Zaidan - UFRPE, Thiago Poleto - UFPA, Thyago C. C. Nepomuceno - UFPE

Recent Advances in Statistical Modeling

Chair: Aldo M. Garay (UFPE)

Invited Speakers: Rolando de la Cruz - Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile), Carlos A. Abanto-Valle (UFRJ), Clécio da Silva Ferreira - UFJF, Aldo M. Garay - UFPE

Thematic Sessions

The program of the workshop includes four thematic sessions composed of coordinated talks around a topic of interest and relevance in Applied Statistics and Stochastic Processes.

Registration, Fees and Important Dates

1 / Registration

To register for the workshop you must fill out the registration form available HERE.

2 / Submission for poster presentations

Instructions and template available HERE.

3 / Notification of acceptance

Early Registration Fees (JUL 07 - SEP 09):

Undergraduate Students: R$ 30,00

Graduate Students: R$ 60,00

Other: R$ 120,00 

Late Registration Fees (SEP 10 -  NOV 29):

Undergraduates: R$ 40,00

Graduates: R$ 80,00

Others: R$ 160,00

JUL 07 - AUG 18

Abstract submission has reopened for poster presentations. If you would like to present your work at WASSP, submit your abstract until September 24th.

Up to SEP 08

For submissions sent until August 18th.

Practical Information

1 / Accommodation

We suggest an hotel with special rates for WASSP participants. Inform the keyword: 

WASSP 2023 - UFPE to obtain such rates.

2 / Guidelines

for Poster


The organizing committee will not provide a template for the poster, so you can adopt a free style provided the required dimensions are addressed.

3 / Certificates

Download here your certificate of participation or presentation!

Hotel Golden Park Boa Viagem

The Hotel is no longer available for the period of 28 Nov-01 Dec 2023

Rates (per day) for the period of 28 Nov to-01 Dec 2023

Contact for reservations:

Executive single with double bed: R$ 245,00

Executive double with double bed or two single beds: R$ 275,00

Single with sea view and double bed: R$ 300,00

Double with sea view and double bed: R$ 340,00

Size of the poster

Posters must have the following dimensions: 80 cm wide by 120 cm long.  You can use as a reference the A0 paper size which is 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm


The main activities will be held at the Auditorium Professor Ricardo de Carvalho Ferreira of CCEN-UFPE, Recife, PE, Brazil


Questions? Feel free to contact us!

Organization and Support

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