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Registration - WASSP
I Workshop on Applied Statistics and Stochastic Processes

To register for the workshop you must fill out the registration form below and send attached the receipt of payment of the registration fee.

Registration Fees - (SEP 10 - NOV 29)

Thank you for registering to WASSP. The registration will be confirmed once we receive the Payment confirmation receipt. Please, see below the options for payment! We look forward to seeing you in Recife!

Payment confirmation receipt (pix or transfer)

You can pay the registration fee by bank transfer or via "pix" according to the information given below.


Banco Santander 

Ag. 0658

C/C 13006798-9

Associação Brasileira de Estatistica

Please send attached the receipt of payment of the registration fee to: (use the subject [WASSP - Registration of <name>]). If you have any questions please contact

Submission for poster presentation

If you are interested in to present your work during a poster session of WASSP, , but you lost the previous deadline, please send an abstract of up to two pages until September 24th, following the template below. Send the .tex and .pdf file to the email (use the subject [Poster of <name>]).


The main activities will be held at the Auditorium Professor Ricardo de Carvalho Ferreira of CCEN-UFPE, Recife, PE, Brazil


Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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